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Adventures of Hulk-Girl
Chapter 4, Enter the She-Hulk!
By: SHFan
Story edit by: Strangeataru

As the school ended for the day, Vivian gathered her books into her school bag and proceeded towards her locker.  As she started to work the combination of her lock, Vivian was interrupted by a familiar (yet annoying) voice.

"Hey Vivian!"

"Hello Zapper" she said as Vivian did not bother to look behind her.

Zack Zappation was Vivian's male rival in school. He always seems to enjoy teasing her in ways to make her upset. Although he does not know about Vivian's alter ego, there are times where he almost had. Vivian knew she needed to remain clam and try not to get him under her skin.

"So, how about you and me go out on Saturday night?" he said with a sheepish grin.

"Not going to happen."

"Why not?"

"That's because I have more important things to do than to go out with a horny creep like you."

Vivian finally unlocked her lock and opened her locker. Zack looked inside to see a lot of pictures of teen hot throb boys, bunch of school books and supplies, and some spare clothing and shoes.

"You sure you didn't bring your closet from home Vivi?"

"Don't call me by that." she glared.

"Oh come on, it's a cute name! Just like you!" he smiles as he leans closer to her.

"You know, this is known to be called sexual harassment Zack." She responded back and continued. "So I will be careful if I was you."

"Yeah yeah, wound not like it when I am angry line you give me. Seesh! I wonder what you will do if I do make you angry."

Just then Vivian slammed her locker door with such force; it nearly took off Zack's face! Before he can respond in anger, he was taken by Vivian's cold yet angry stare of death.

"You would not like it you woke up with out knees"

Zack just gulped in fear as he slowly backed away from her. Vivian calmly gathered her things and walked to the nearest exit. Halfway down the hallways, Vivian started to clam down a bit. She felt good telling him off like that and hope he will leave her for the next few days. But before she knew it…

"God you're so hot when you're upset! See you on Saturday for our date!" he shouted.

By them, everyone in the hall way heard him as classmates cheered and awe at Vivian. Some guys came up to Zack and high five him on the accomplishment on getting a date!

Vivian just turned red in the face with embarrassment. She could not believe what Zack just did, and in front of the whole school too! Just then, she started to hear her heart beat pick up pace, with a feeling of a warm-flash flowing over her as her left hand trembled by her side.

"You…you…you…" Vivian tried to get the words out, but it was no use. Her anger was too great and started to lose control.  

"I will pick you around five. Tootles, Vivi!" he said as he walked away feeling proud to win the battle.


At this point Vivian did not care if she hulked out in front of everyone; she needed to teach this guy a lesson! She wanted to see his face in horror as she turned him into a living pretzel! But before she can let go, she was suddenly pulled from behind and dragged into the nearest class room.  Once inside, she heard the door close and locked behind her.

"You know quite will little missy that you should not lose your temper like that!" said the voice behind her.

As Vivian turned around to she her attacker, but luckily it was Ms. Wilson, her science teacher who knew Vivian's little secret.

"You need to start calming down right now. Last thing I want is to stop you again." Miss. Johnson said. "We don't need to spend more money on new gym equipment!"

Vivian's anger turned into guilt as she did remember that day as her teacher places her had on her shoulders.

"Come on now; don't let jerks like him get to you."

With her teacher warm smile, Vivian started to relax. She can slowly feel the warmth around her body starting to fade. Her hart beat slowed as she let out a long sigh.

"That's a good girl." as Miss. Wilson patted Vivian's head and comforts her.

Miss. Wilson is the only person that knows Vivian's dark secret because she was responsible for it.

"Come on, I will drive you home."

As they left school grounds, Miss. Wilson unbutton her peach long sleeve shirt and turned on the radio.

"Ah! It feels good to let loose after a long day of work!" she smiled as she drive.

Vivian just remained quiet during the car ride as she hugged her book bag. She stated to feel bad, yet lucky that she didn't have to "hulk out" in front of everyone. She knew the consequences if she did.

"Hey now! Don't be so glum Vivian. It happens to the best of us."

"Yeah, but I almost lost it back there. What if…"

Miss. Wilson interrupted her student. "It doesn't matter, I was there and you learned a lesson."

"But Ms. Wilson I…"

"What did I say when we are off school grounds?"

"Oh…sorry…But Joanna I…"

"But nothing, just relax and enjoy the ride."

Vivian always hated when her teacher always interrupted her, but understood her point.  

"You know, I think I have a idea to let off some steam." Joanna said as she grinned. "Did you bring a spare?"

Vivian nodded to her teacher's question, yet had a bad feeling about it.

After a while, the yellow compact car that their in pulled into a storage place. Vivian was confused why they where here, but was too nervous to ask. Joanna parked her car near the door numbered #1883 and both of them got out of the vehicle.

"Well, here we are Vivian, our new safe house!"

Vivian looked at her teacher in a puzzling look, "Our new wha?"

Joanna turned to her student with a smile on her face. "Our new safe house. This is where you and I can come to let loose and if you ever turned into "her", you can run here to change back."

"But I already have one."

"Yes, but what happens if someone spotted you going home? Or even worst, your parents where in the garage and you can't change back? Here you can easily lose anyone following you and be safe to change back. "

Vivian thought that her teacher has a point as she watched her open the large garage door.

"Now then, I will give you the numbers for the gate and door locks."

As her teacher explained away, Vivian saw inside the storage covered in rugs on the floor, a small bed, a table and a small portable fridge and micro wave, and boxes of donated clothing and shoes.

"I had this set up for a week now, and working at a thrift store on the weekends helps too!"

Vivian did not say much as they walked inside. Joanna closed the door behind them and walked crossed the room. There she went through some other boxes and pulled out a video recorder and tripod.

"Umm…Joanna, what is that for?"

Joanna smiled as she set the recorder up. "This is for science!" she said, "Why don't you sit on the bed over there and I will explain everything."

Vivian nodded as she was starting to feel very uncomfortable of the situation she was in.

"Okay, so here is what I come up with. In order to find a cure, I need data. Your anger and stress is the trigger effects and need to find a way to control it."

Joanna explained as she walks over to the table and sat in the chair.

"I have a theory that the more rage and stress you keep pent up; the harder it is to control it. So that's why I came up with this place. Here you can transform with no worries of anyone finding out."

Vivian could understand that and a place like this seems to be a good idea to her.

"I see you agree, so lets get started shall we?"

Joanna holds up her remote for the camera and hits the record button. As the camera faces towards Vivian, she turns away and blushes.

"Maybe this is not a good idea. I mean it's embarrassing enough."

"Nonsense! This is a good way to let loose." Said Joanna "Now think back on what happened today with Zack. Are you really going out with him?"

Vivian looked at her teacher upset as she tried to forget it.

"Oh come on, I think you guys are cute together!" Joanna smiled.

Vivian wanted to fight the urge, but remembered what her teacher explained to her.

"Fine…I will let loose then…But what about you?"

"Me? Oh, don't worry about it. You will not be alone in this."

"Are you sure?"


Joanna let a warm smile of insurance as Vivian closed her eyes. She started to think back earlier with Zack as the images played back in her mind. She can feel the anger grow with in her, this time not resisting it as it came quicker than she thought it would! Her breathing and hart rate quickened as she started feel familiar warmth washing over her. First sign her teacher saw was Vivian's small body trembling. Then she heard her student letting out quick breaths which slowly turned into low moans. Vivian felt a quick pulse that rippled crossed her body. The small teen griped on the bed edges, as Joanna watched the black plastic ring exploded off her pinky finger.  

"Grrrr…That Zack…I want to beat him up so bad!" Vivian grunted.

Vivian's face cringed in anger as she stated to grind her teeth. Her grip on the bed was getting stronger, her clothing starting to tighten around her body. She could now feel her leotard that was underneath started to slowly fit around her new growing body.

As Joanna watched, she was amazed on her student transformation. So much so that she did not realized that her breathing has gotten deeper. It was not until she started to feel her mid length black skirt started to feel tight around her thighs. As she looked down she realized what was happening to her.

"Oh my, I guess it's my turn to join the fun."

Joanna reached up and undoes her hair bun as her long dark hair draped behind her back. She adjusted her seating as she tried to get comfortable as she could and closed her eyes.

Vivian was now in the second stage of her transformation as she can feel her jeans starting to constrict around her legs. The pant cuffs slowly crept upwards as the looked like tight Capri style than her long ones moments ago. Her thighs started to get wider as the jeans copper button fought for dear life. Vivian took a deep breath and the button popped off with such force, that it bounced off the metal door making a loud ping sound.
Soon the zipper started to be undone by itself as signs of her leotard started to show through.

Meanwhile, Joanna tilted her head back as she let out a long sexual moan. Her skirt and peach blouse started to show signs of strain. Between the gapping buttons, she too was wearing a similar leotard to what Vivian was wearing, but in reverse color pattern.

Both ladies in the room started to grunt and moan, there skins slowly turning into a yellowish hue and then into a greenish tone. Vivian's short blonde hair started to grow longer as it slowly changed to brown and into black with green highlights. Joanna's hair remained the same length and color, but this time with her own green highlights.

Joanna then slowly raised her arms and had them in a flex position. She can feel the sensation of power running through her arms as they started to expanded and grow. The button cuffs on her sleeves started to pop away as did her fake jewel bracelet.

Vivian slide off the bed she was sitting on and went into a squatting position. Still gripping the side of the bed for support, she started to flex her leg muscles as the stitching on the side of her jeans started to crack and pop away from her growing green legs. The pant cuffs where a bit tougher, but at the end they violently tore away from the teens growing green calf's.

Joanna let out a long grunt as she can hear the stitching on her long sleeve shirt also popping and cracking away. She flex one more time as her green arm muscles finally broke and tear free from her long sleeve shirt. As Joanna continue to flex her arms, she arched back into her chair as she can feel a warm and tingling sensation from her breasts. From a modest B cup, she can feel them slowly growing outwards as she felt every button on her shirt pop off one by one. This was one of her guilty pleasures as she loved so much.

Vivian chest also started to grow, as she too arched back into the bed, the stitching sides of her blue shirt started to lose the battle. The short sleeves where not much of a challenge due to her growing arms. They just tore away easily, but her growing breasts made it more difficult for the shirt to rip properly. As she can feel the shirt constricting, Vivian twisted her body to one side and felt a release as the side stitching of the shirt finally ripped away from her body.

Both ladies chest size grew more rapidly now without and restrictions holding them back. Vivian from a size B into a C, as Joanna was from a B into DD.

Vivian grunted in pain as she can feel her feet starting to expand with in her white sneakers. The pink laces started to strain under the pressure until finally they started to snap and pop away from her upper part of her foot. Her toes started to outline the front of the shoes until the stitching and glue started to crack and pop open. Vivian didn't wear any socks today, so her green toes started to show between the sole and upper canvas part of her shoes.

Joanna once mid length black skirt was now looking like a very tight mini skirt. Her legs grew from normal looking legs into a long and muscular look of an Amazon! She easily tore away the skirt by spreading her legs slightly apart as the tore length wise along the skirts stitching.  Her foot was another matter, as she too grunted in pain for her expanding feet.  The first to go was the black thin ankle strap. It was no match as the leather and flimsy buckle violently snap away from her green ankles.

Next, her toes outlined the black leather as they grown in pressure of her expanding feet. The left foot was able to break the glue that keep the leather and sole together as it ripped away from the side of her foot. The right shoe seemed to have much stronger glue a Joanna was forced to left up her foot and stomped so hard into the ground that the shoe and heel broke and the side of the leather exploded off her feet!

Both ladies are now near the end of the transformation. Both slowly raised up and opened there eyes. Both Joanna's light brown eyes and Vivian's baby blue eyes are now changed into a light green.

Vivian letting out a strong roar to know that Hulk-Girl has back! As for Joanna who smiled and moan to let everyone know that the She-Hulk as arrived!

-To be continued!
This maybe the last chapter of Hulk Girl. The reason for this is becouse of a new Teen she-hulk that will comming out in Marvels next comic called "Her-oes".

Like Lonebeatle did before , I really dont want to compete with a comic series. Or deal with any problems if someone tells marvel about this.

If you guys strongly feel I can continue it, then I must have some type of feedback.

She hulk is copyrighted by Marvel and Disney.

P.S. Thanks :iconStrangeautru: for his help on story edit!
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