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The Miss-Adventures of Hulk-Girl
Part 5: Manly Women!
By SHFan

Vivian was hard at work studying for her up coming tests. While she studied, her mother called from down stairs  letting her know that her and her father are going out for awhile and will be back soon. Vivian responded back and then she heard her parents' car leaving the driveway soon after.  

At around nine o'clock Vivian finished up her studies and quickly laid down and relaxed on her bed. With her remote in her hand, she turned on the television to see what was good on. After some channel surfing, Vivian spotted a channel that caught her interest.  It was the men's weight lifting competition. Watching men lifting large amount of weights, she suddenly became more interested.

"W-wow!" Vivian said to herself in amazement.
Vivian was now transfixed as she continues to watch the matches of men trying to out weight each other for the leader spot. That's until the announcer came on and presented the next competition.

"And now, we will present to you the women's competition!"

Vivian suddenly raised an eyebrow as she watched manly looking women walking on to the stage.

"Really?" she responded "Miss, Wilson and I are much stronger and prettier than these freaks!"

Vivian watched in frustration as each woman that went on stage was complimented by the announcers. Words like "Now she has a body of a Venus" or "Looks like she is a heartbreaker for the guys!"  To the point were her baby blue eyes started to change to their green hue! Sounds of the audiences cheers echoed through her speakers as one woman was able to lift an impossible weight that broke the record!  


That was the sound of Vivian's ring breaking away from right pinky finger. This was her early warning system when ever she went into her first stages of her transformation. The protocol for this is for her to get enough time to relax and prevent her from hulking out. But it seems that Vivian is too upset to notice that her transformation was already on its way.

As the commercial break started, Vivian falls backwards onto her bed as she clinched her fist together in anger.

"Grrr…I wish there was a way to get on to that show! I show them who is strongest!"

By this time her body started to grow larger as her blonde hair was already started to darken and grow longer. Grunts and fits began to fill the room as she started to feel her body slowly growing in size.

Now normally Vivian will wear her leotard under her clothing. But since she was home, there was really no need. Today she wishes she had as her white lace bra and matching panties started to slowly constrict around her growing frame! The white lace bra started to reach its limits as her breast size grew larger than the bra can contain! With the elastic stretching to its limit, sounds of sharp snaps echoed from under her blue T-shirt. The bra hooks try to resist the growth, but they where soon defeated.

*Snap, snap, snap…..POP!*

Vivian yelled loudly as her bra finally popped off her back.

"Grrr! Just wait…I will…sh-show you all!"

Vivian squirmed as she can feel her matching panties start to get too tight around her growing thighs. The elastic band could not hold on and it snapped away just like her bra did. Luckily her black Capri pants where more stretchable than her undies. Slowly her calf muscles began to balloon outwards as the cuffs of her pants started to rise up and slowly tear the stitching within her inner legs. Her breasts started to push their way through the shirt as Vivian stood back up from her bed.

"You want strong muscles? Then look at these guns!"  

Vivian flexed her arms as they started to take tone and shape. The short sleeves where quickly torn open as her growing muscles expanded. By this time, Vivian skin was changing to her favorite color…Green!     

"Now you want beauty? Then check these puppies out! At least I have a great pair compared to your mainly flat chests!"

Still flexing position, Hulk-Girl moaned and grunted as she pushed her chest outwards, causing her shirt to start ripping down the middle of her chest, just stopping enough to hold what modesty she had left. She then got off her bed and stood in front of the T.V.

The computation resumed back from its commercial, as she quickly flexed and roared in anger. As if she was trying to tell the show that she is the best and strongest of them all!

"That's right! Bring it!"

To be continued!
Here is Part 5!

Thanks to lonebeatle for his help! :D
Sephzero Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Boy she can really get worked up from some shows. Better be careful with what's on then. :la:
Lonebeatle Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010
Anytime bro'! Now go and take care of yourself, ok? :D
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