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Vivian could hear her friend franticly fighting off the Displacer Beast outside her locked door. She knew time was running out and the only way to save him was to become Hulk-Girl!

Vivian took a few steps back from the door as she started to feel the change with in her. Her baby blue eyes quickly turned green as her cheap plastic watch quickly snapped off her left wrist. Her hair started to grow into a dark curly mess as the bands that hold her up her pigtails lost the battle. Vivian started to huff in and out heavily as yellow her T-shirt started to appear smaller on her growing frame. Parts of her alter ego costume started to show. The black and sliver buckle belt she wore around her jeans started to bent and creak from the growing teen thighs.


The back and shoulders started to put more stress on the yellow shirt until the back of it ripped violently down the middle of her back. Her cuffs of her jeans started to raise pass out her ankles as her thighs slowly bulged in muscle. The belt broke free along with the pants button and zipper, as the inner stitching of her pant legs started to pop and snap. Her pink laces of her white tennis shoes started to pop like fireworks as her shoes started to quickly give away from her growing green feet. Her toes broke the glue and stitching between the canvas and rubber soles of her shoes. In her haste to finish her transformation, she rose her foot above the grown and slammed into the floor with such force, that the rest of the show exploded away from her hulk like foot!

Vivian knew time was the essence as she started punching at the locked door. With each blow you can see her fist starting to change color in a greenish hue. The wood started to bend and break until it gave in of her overwhelming force!


With one final punch, the wooden door broke into pieces as Vivian's new alter geo formed stepped out into view.  She grabbed the top of her remaining torn jeans that still remained clinging on her waist and ripped them away from her body. There she stared down the beast with ranging anger as she was ready to fight!
Just a quick TF from the last story. I know i am not the best writer in the world, but there where some request for it.

I may or not continue with this series, but I am open to fans writing there own version of Vivian. (As long as I can get the credit for the character of course)
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I approve sir!!!!
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The rest will be awhile, but glad you like it! :D
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